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Seated Dumbbell One legged Toe Raise (Main Calf Muscles)

  1. Place raised object on floor about 12″ away from end of bench.
  2. Sit at end of bench.
  3. Rest dumbbell on left upper thigh about 3″ above knee.
  4. Place ball of left foot on object.
  5. Raise up on toes as high as possible.
  6. Hold position momentarily, then return to starting position.
  7. Inhale up, Exhale down
  8. Reverse position and repeat movement with right leg.



Close Grip Barbell Press (Inner Pectorals and Triceps)

  1. Lie on Bench, feet flat on floor.
  2. Hold barbell about 12-14″ wide.
  3. Lower Bar to chest about 1″ below nipples.
  4. Raise bar to arms’ length.
  5. Keep elbows out, chest high.
  6. Lower weight with complete control, making definite pause at chest.
  7. Keep head on bench, do not arch back to sharply.
  8. Do not raise hips off bench.
  9. Inhale down, exhale up.


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