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Standing Palms In Dumbbell Press

Front and Outer Deltoids

Standing Palms in Dumbbell Press1


  1. Raise dumbbells to shoulder height.
  2. Lock legs and hips
  3. Keep elbows in palms in
  4. Press dumbbells straight up to arms’ length
  5. Return to shoulder height
  6. Inhale up exhale down
  7. Can also be done seated or with barbell, seated, seated or standing

Standing Palms in Dumbbell Press


Dumbbell Upright Row – Deltiods

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand at arm’s length and resting against your upper thighs.
  • Keep the dumbbells 10 inches apart and your thumbs facing each other.
  • Pull the ‘bells straight up until they’re nearly even with your chin.
  • Keep your elbows out.
  • At the top position the dumbbells should be level with your ears.
  • Keep the ‘bells close to your body, and pause at the top.
  • Concentrate on keeping tension on your shoulders as you lower the weights.Dumbbell Upright Row - Deltiods

Bent over Low Pulley Rear Deltoid Raise (Rear Deltoid)

images (1)

1.Stand with left side facing wall pulley.
2.Hold bottom handle of pulley with right hand.

3.Stand erect, far enough from machine to create tension on cable.
4.Bend until torso is nearly parallel to floor.
5.Place left hand on left thigh just above knee.
6.Keep right elbow locked arm straight.
7.Pull weight up and out in semicircular motion until right hand is as high as shoulder, in line with ear.
8.Inhale up, exhale Down.
9. Reverse position and repeat with left arm.

*can be down with a bench also

Lying Floor Low Pulley Across Body Rear Deltoid Raise

1.Lie on left side in front of wall pulley.
2. Hold low handle with right hand.
3.Lie far enough from pulley to have full range of motion.
4. With right arm in front of you, in lie with shoulders, raise arm in semicircular motion until vertical above right shoulder.
5.Keep arm straight, in line with shoulder.
6.Inhale up, Exhale down.
7.Reverse position and repeat with left arm.

Seated Side Lateral Raise (Front and Outer Deltoids)

  1. Sit end of bench, feet firmly on floor.
  2. Hold dumbbells, palms in, arms straight down at sides.
  3. Raise dumbbells in semicircular motion a little above shoulder height.
  4. Pause, then lower to starting position using same path.
  5. Keep arms straight.
  6. Inhale up , exhale down   

Seated Back-Supported Palms-In Dumbbell Press

1.With Dumbbells at shoulder height, sit on straight-backed chair, Feet firmly on floor.
2.Palms in, press dumbbells to arms’ length overhead.

3.Return to starting position.
4.Keep elbows in at all times.
5.Inhale up, exhale down
6.Can also be done with palms out or with barbell held on upper chest or behind head.

Lying on Floor Across-Body Rear Deltoid Raise (Rear Deltoids Back of Shoulder)

Lying on Floor Across-Body Rear Deltoid Raise (Rear Deltoids Back of Shoulder)

1.Lie on Left Side on Floor or Bench, Legs crossed.
2.Hold dumbbell with right hand, palm down.

3.Keep arm straight, in line with shoulder.
4.Raise dumbbell in semicircular motion until vertical to shoulder.
5.Lower weight to starting position using same path.
6.Inhale up, exhale down.

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