Online Training Classes

How to Develop Speed, Agility,  and Quickness

RunningThis course goes over a vast amount of information for enhancing the development of athletes at all levels. In developing any athlete there needs to be a foundation to grow from. We help everyone in this course to go from a foundation all athletes can start from to the ability to grow into a large amount of complex abilites in gaining a better athlete who is Faster, Quicker, and more Agile.





Learn How to Properly Squat

Band SquatsYou will learn the structure of the squat. We will help you stay in the most ideal position to avoid injury and to improve overall health and athleticism. The course is only 6 lectures with one quiz at the end. We will break down the concentric and eccentric movements and give proper cues on safely, improving this exercise so you can feel the great benefits in performing this squat.






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