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Medicine-Ball Upper-Body Shuffles


The goal is to improve the athletes power and their quickness in the athletes upper-body.

Performing Exercise:

1. You want to start in the position of a push up.( Your body needs to be straight with one hand on the medicine ball and your shoulders parallel to the floor.

2. Then you will need to fall into a push up and explode off the ball laterally with your hands you want to your body to pass over the ball and your opposite hand will land on the ball.

3.Now remeber your feet will remain about hip width apart and your abdominal need to stay tight throughout the exercise


Heel High Sit Up

Upper Abdominal’s

Heel High Sit Up

  1.  Lie on floor with lower legs on top of bench.

  2. position body so thighs are at 45 degree angle.

  3. With hands behind head, pull up as far as possible.

  4. Return to starting position

  5. Do not swing body up and down but concentrate on abdominal muscles.

  6. Exhale up , Inhale down.

  7. To make harder, hold weight on chest.

Flat-Bench Alternate Leg Raise

  • Lie on a flat bench with your legs extended off one end and your hands under your buttocks, palms down.
  • Keep your legs straight and your knees locked as you raise one leg and then the other with a scissor action so that one leg moves up as the other comes down.
  • Count your reps according to how many times your right leg goes up.

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