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Who can develop speed ? All can develop speed.

Have you seen the trend in the past 30 years in athletes? We have people accusing each other of PED’S because running-imagethey run faster , are stronger and just a better athlete. There is a reason athletes move better compared to 30 years ago. The education on developing better athletes is better  now compared to thirty years ago.

“You can’t control what the other athlete is going to do; you can’t control anything except for your competition and how you execute the race or how you execute the task.” – Michael Johnson 200 meter world record holder

How do we develop a faster athlete.

Developing a better athlete takes time and an understanding how the body moves as well as the sport being played.There are two areas in running we need to focus on when increasing a better athlete which is the stride length of the athlete and the stride frequency of the athlete. One of these two areas will have to be focused dependent on the needs of the athlete. Stride frequency is looked at with the number of strides taken within a given period or the distance covered by the athlete.Stride length at maximum speed is generally 2.3 to 2.5 times what the athletes length is.

Understanding Mechanics for Improvement

To increase speed there is a small checklist we can start with. remember each athlete has different needs so there is no cookie cutter for every person. The first thing each athlete needs is a resistance training program and this should be the foundation of any training program. Once we have established the foundation we need to see how each athlete moves.

Knowing how each athlete moves we can then find what their deficient and strengths are. To improve the stride length and stride frequency comes from increasing the mechanics of each athlete. What needs to be looked at is their elbow , and hand position  in relation of generating enough force without out reducing force. The legs need to be looked at the ankle complex the knee and the hip. These three joints need to be in an ideal position to be able to produce enough force to move faster.

Mechanics of the arm

With the arm we have to at the shoulder be able to have the ability to move forward and backwards with the elbow bent at 90 degrees. The hands have to be relaxed while running. When running the hands need to move forward at about the level of the athletes nose.The arm has to move forward and backwards never side to side. Moving side to side reduces the amount of force while running.

Mechanics of the Leg

The ankle complex needs to be in an in a dorsiflexion toes up position  except when the foot hits the ground. When the balls of the foot hit the ground the entire weight of the athlete needs to be on the foot. If you can stop the image of the athlete when they strike the ground it should be a straight line from the foot to the top of the athletes head. While the other leg is being raised to a 90 degree angle.These are some simple steps that need to be incorporated in being a faster runner.

Watch out for this

When focusing on these two areas we need to understand that are stride length and stride frequency interrelate with one and another. The result of overcompensation one over another can lead to bad mechanics. trying to increase stride length can lead to overstriding which will lead to a negative effect. With overstriding decreases the stride frequency so while developing speed we aren’t counterproductive.

Becoming the faster athlete

Once you are having good mechanics with a good resistance training program we can start to look at specific drills to increase more power in the athlete, with either better stride frequency or length.When more power is being produce by the athlete we will be faster. If you have any questions let me know by leaving comments or by following my blog. For more information on gaining more speed you can take my course on developing speed, agility and quickness.



What is our numbers ? Gaining Results With Knowing Our Actual 1 Rep Max

Feeling accomplished.

When looking at anything we all like to know if we are either doing good or improving. Nobody likes to feel like a

failure or feel unsuccessful. When looking at the gym and improving athletic performance we should have a measuring stick. Generally this measuring stick is an overall stigma of what your 40 yd dash is. We need

Don't Give Up ,Continue to Improve

Don’t Give Up ,Continue to Improve

to discard the generall measuring stick and understand the underline reason why we are trying to become a better athlete or physically fit.

“Every day of my life, I’m trying to find a different way to become better”- Ray Lewis

How do we understand success when enhancing our potential?

Gaining success while trying to develop our overall athletic abilities is obtainable for everyone. So why is it that so many give up or have no progress in their training? It is two things, having un realistic goals and second unrealistic idea of what level you are in your athletic abilities.

Understanding what makes a dream and goal is, are very important in gaining your athletic potential. Goals you have are going to be divided into meso goals, micro goals, and macro goals. Dreams fall under legacy or lifetime attainment.

When looking at our physical or athletic abilities we need to know where your real levels are including what our 1 rep max is in our lifts. By knowing where we are physically is when we can see our real abilities. When putting any strength program together, it is very important to understand of where your level of strength is.

Gaining strength with an understanding of where we are.

What is our 1 rep max? This is our measuring stick, knowing what are real 1 rep max, will increase our effectiveness in the gym. To me, I like to put it this way: what is our rep scheme to what weight we are, our amount of lifting needs to match. Our body is limited on what we can do and we only have a limited amount glycogen storage. With a limited amount of energy we need to as efficient as possible during the session.

Once we know what our real 1 rep max is, then we can start a road of progress. Have you ever gone to the gym and said this is what I’m going to do and then come up short? You came up short because you either have a  lack of energy or are doing more than what you are capable of.

Starting on the road of progress

Once you we have started on the road we need  a good measuring stick that is only to for you to see what progress you have made. Here our a few rules you need to live by.

This is your measuring stick.

  • 90% – 100% 3 to 1 reps per set
  • 80% – 89% 5 to 3 reps per set
  • 70% to 79% 10 to 5 reps per set

Once you can see and check what you are doing, with what you are capable of, you will grow with consistency. This is not a magic pill, but a start on the road of progress. Please, any questions go a head and leave them and remember to follow and listen to us on our podcast:  The Athletic Edge at blogtalkradio.com. Have a great day!


Fitness Mot

Consistency is the major issue when looking on staying fit. So when looking at exercises to perform look first at what you want to accomplish over a long period of time. When you have determined  here is some small steps in setting a successful fitness routine.

1. Set a goal or Goals

  • Example : Have small goals like going to the gym every other day first. With major goals like feel healthier for the year

2. Be realistic with goals

  •    example : lose 1 lb at a time don’t set a goal I want to lose 10 lbs by this  time.  You are helping to set yourself up for failure with that goal

3. Don’t over do it

  • You will gain Lactic acid when exercising, which is where the soreness comes from.  Overdoing it is where you work too hard to quickly where you aren’t use to the soreness and muscle trauma.

Where is the Fundamentals?

    When starting out and learning a sport what do we learn? The basics or in other words the fundamentals of the sport. Its funny with the start of college and NFL football the most  common mistake which should have been in graded into each athlete as a child is form tackling. I see many defenders grabbing instead of keeping their head up and putting a shoulder into the opponent and then driving them into the ground. If these players would do the basics we would see better overall play and less injuries.

Why am I talking about this? I’m a world-class trainer where I have helped train many elite athletes over the years as well as winning a few world titles myself. Over the years I have seen throughout the country people getting away from what works and what got them to that elite level. One of my guys who was benching in WABDL worlds in 2007 blew his shoulder out and never has been the same since. How come he hurt himself? I stopped working with him a few years before hand (and just once a while up to WABDL worlds). Some of his competition  was getting more skill and better lifts in new advance bench shirts. Instead of focus on the skill of rowing the bar into the groove of the shirt he was bitter that what is competition was able to do with newer equipment that he couldn’t afford. So over the next few years he didn’t place his attention on what made him good and how to take advantage of his own talents.

As parents, coaches, and athletes what do expect out of ourselves and players? We have no ability to change others only ourselves, but keep this in mind when we are getting ready for anything. The better athlete is better because of only one major reason hard work on their overall fundamentals. A good athlete will do an honest  evaluation on what they do well and what the don’t do well. And they work hard on both ends the good and the bad. We can’t control what are competition will do ,but we have every opportunity to dictate on how we can make ourselves better. Lets get back to the fundamentals.

How young is to young?

This is up for debate with everyone in my industry. My view though is a little different then most. I thank my oldest son for this. Growing up in Alabama till I was in third grade and then moving to Iowa I noticed two major differences in the culture. Now in Utah  I can see why the SEC is in general the best football conference. I was able to play tackle football and baseball before I started elementary school. While in Iowa we didn’t really start till we were in 7th grade. No real fundamentals were being taught yet.

Why am I stating this with developing a better athlete? Look how far ahead Alabama was in skills (Fundamentals) then Iowa. Many years ahead. The same thing goes with athletic development. We arn’t saying lets max out at age 2 or 3 on weights. What I’m saying let’s teach kids fun and intersting things at a younger age so that they can build upon them when they reach the age to fully enhance those skills.

Here is a major example my little boy who is three likes to jump run and pick things up. So this is what I started to do I placed cones in my front yard and we ran angle drills to work on small agility drills my son loved it and he was doing stuff like it already I was just to able to harness his energy into this specific drill.

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