Leverage Shrug

Exercise Data

Traps exercise

Traps exercise

Type: Strength
Main Muscle Worked: Traps
Other Muscles: Forearms

Leverage Shrug

Leverage Shrug

Equipment: Machine
Mechanics Type: Isolation
Level: Beginner
Sport: No
Force: Pull

  1. Load the pins to the right weight. Position yourself directly between the handles.
  2. Grasp the top handles with a comfortable grip, and then lower your hips as you take a breath. Look forward with your head and keep your chest up.
  3. Drive through the floor with your heels, extending your hips and knees as you rise to a standing position. Keep your arms straight throughout the movement, finishing with your shoulders back. This will be your starting position.
  4. Raise the weight by shrugging the shoulders towards your ears, moving straight up and down.
  5. Pause at the top of the motion, and then return the weight to the starting position.


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