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Medicine-Ball Upper-Body Shuffles


The goal is to improve the athletes power and their quickness in the athletes upper-body.

Performing Exercise:

1. You want to start in the position of a push up.( Your body needs to be straight with one hand on the medicine ball and your shoulders parallel to the floor.

2. Then you will need to fall into a push up and explode off the ball laterally with your hands you want to your body to pass over the ball and your opposite hand will land on the ball.

3.Now remeber your feet will remain about hip width apart and your abdominal need to stay tight throughout the exercise


Keg Hockey Lunge



Type of Exercise:

Lower body multijoints

Muscles Used:

Gluteus Maximus, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Hip abductors, Hip adductors


intermediate , Have experience with dumbbells before doing this.

Starting position:

Place the keg on there back as in performing barbell squats.

Performing the exercise:

Take an exaggerated stride with right leg, stepping forward so that the right foot is 14 to 16 in. wider than the right shoulder and then lower the body so that the right knee is behind the toes on the right foot and the left leg is bent with the left knee just off the floor. From that bottom position, stride forward in one continuous movement with the left leg and take an exaggerated stride with the left leg, as described above; the right leg is bent and the right knee is just off the floor. It is important to keep the back arched during the entire the entire performance of this exercise.

Tire Flip


Type of Exercise:

It’s a total body weight exercise

Muscles Involved:

Gluteus maximus, Hamstrings,Quadriceps, Soleus, Gastrocnemius, Trapezius,Deltoids

Starting position:

Place your feet about shoulder width apart. Keeping your back arched , sit back at the hips ( don’t allow your knees to move past your toes). Place all of your weight on your heels when starting to lift the tire.Grab the tire with an underhand grip on the tire. Hands need to be at least shoulder width apart. Have your legs lift the tire so that the hands are raised to a mid shin position. The arms should be fully extended, back arched and feet are flat on the floor.

Finishing the Lift:

Using a jump action, explode up through the legs and flip the tire onto its side, remembering to keep the back arched through the entire movement. After you have done this continue with the several reps required.







  1. Start out with a loaded barbell on the ground.be close to or touching the shins, along with a broad hold must be obtained around the bar. your feet must be precisely below the hips, with the feet turned out as needed. Lower the hips, with the chest up and the head looking forward. The shoulders must be just in front of the bar. this is the starting position.
  2. Begin the initial pull by driving through the front of the heels, elevating the bar from the ground. The back angle should remain the same till the bar passes by the knees.
  3. Transition into the 2nd pull by simply extending through the hips knees and ankles, driving the bar up as fast as possible. The bar must be close to the entire body. with maximum extension, shrug the shoulders and enable the actual elbows to flex to the side.
  4. As you move your feet into the receiving position, a slightly broader position, pull yourself under the bar as you raise the bar above your head. The bar must be received|acquired in a partial squat. proceed raising|elevating the bar towards the over head position, getting the bar locked out over head .
  5. Return to your original standing position with the weight over head.

Hang Snatch


1.Start with a wide grip on the bar, using an overhand or hook grip. The feet must be directly beneath the hips with the feet turned out. Your knees should be slightly bent, and the torso inclined forward. The spine should be fully extended and the head facing forward. The bar should be at the hips. This will be your starting position.

2.Aggressively extend with the legs as well as hips. At peak extension, shrug the shoulder muscles and enable the elbows to flex to the side.

3.While you move your feet in to the receiving position, vigorously draw yourself under the bar as you raise the bar overhead. Receive the bar along with your body as low as possible and the arms completely extended overhead.

4.Get back to a standing posture with the weight overhead. Follow by simply returning the weight towards the floor under control.

Power Cleans or Hang Cleans

1. Place Barbell on floor in front of you.

2. Keep feet about 16″ apart.

3. Step close to bar until shins are nearly touching it.

4. Hold bar with hands 24″ apart.

5. Bend legs until upper thighs are nearly parallel to floor.

6. Keep head up, back straight and at 45degree angle.

7. Stand erect, pull bar to shoulders.

8. Flip bar over and back until it rests on upper chest.

9. Lower bar to floor.

10. Inhale up,exhale down.

The best exercise in developing a better explosion for sports like Football, Basketball, Volleyball and any other sport that requires the recruitment of fast twitch muscles.

Exercise of the day Deadlift (Buttocks Thighs, Lower Back)

1. Place barbell on floor in front of you.

2.keep feet 16″ apart.

3.Bend down and hold bar just outside of knees.

4.Keep knees bent back straight, head up.

5. Using thighs and back, stand erect, arms locked.

6. Inhale up, exhale down.

7.Can also be done with dumbells

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