#6 Athletic Performance and Concussion Prevention


This Podcast speaks on two major concerns concussion prevention and athletic performance. concussions are a very big concerns for alot of people from the athlete, parents, and coach’s. We will never eliminate concussions but it is in power to limit the amount of concussions that do happen.

Athletic performance and concussion prevention do relate we will never be able to put the full athletic product on the field if athlete’s are always gaining concussions. Athletic performance is built when we place a need to prevent injuries then looking at the amount of power each athlete is able to produce.

In this podcast you will find some simple solutions on preventing concussions from the upcoming season. Remeber that prevention starts before the season starts.

Sponsers of the Show

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# 5 Building The Squat

squatHave you Hit a Plateau in Your Squat ?

When you look at the squat there are many areas that can hinder the development of the squat. If you ar looking at improving your squat here are five areas we discuss in this podcast.

1. Is your % of our max the same with what your rep scheme is for the session?

2. What exercises are being incorporated?

3. Understanding what muscles are being developed?

4. What leverage are you gaining with your body?

5. How efficient is our motor patterns?

We discuss each area so that you will gain a better advantage at the squat.

#4 Are we gaining an athletic advantage or not?

3613473588_96795b5791_bWith our fourth podcast, we focus on placing a plan with the sport specific movements and the functional strength of the athlete. If we have goals for athlete to  quicker faster and avoid injury while having better efficiency in the way they move.

We are unable to have an effective program without first understanding the athletes we are working with. When we understand what is needed from their sport and know what they are able to do or not able to do then we can be more effective.

The overall goal should be getting the most out of each athlete while avoiding injury. We will only be able to do this by knowing what we are working with.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theathleticedge/2014/05/06/are-we-gaining-an-athletic-dominance-or-not

#3 Looking at the Squat

squatDeveloping the squat comes in many areas from your atmosphere, plan, to necessary mechanics of the squat. We divide the podcast into three major area’s plan , training partners, and using the box squat the right way.

Your plan needs to have correct goals related to your 1 rep max and what your rep scheme is. Athletes can’t become succesful without first having a plan related to a goal. A correct plan means gains will be made. Gains will be harder to gain if your 1 rep max and rep scheme differ.When they differ your body will not get the necessary stimulate to grow. You will either under train or overtrain so making sure you stay within your strength curve will help in the progression of strength.


#2 Gaining the most out of our training through Nutrition

green peaWhen putting an athletic training program together we have to demand a lot out of the body without overtraining.We emphasize all the time what exercises build are squat or bench? This is a question we all should ask first what are we eating to recover and withstand are training program.

WIithout adaquate amount of nutrients in are system we can’t grow. With a lack of nutrients we will never gain the most from our training.We have to put a plan together to match our training needs.


#1 Evaluating The Deadlift

Andy BoltonThe deadlift doesn’t come easy, there is no secret formula, just hard work and working smart. We will speak on working smart, by looking at how you are approaching the deadlift, how strong you are, and last, how your fundementals are on performing the lift. Placing your ego at the door is the first step.

We will discus on increasing the deadlift with an honest evaluation on ways to improve. We cover both convential and sumo style with an overview of looking at how we setup and preparing to make the pull.

We will mention on areas to look at where we can gain more strength if we aren’t getting the weight off the floor. Any questions or comments are always welcomed




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