Athletic Health and Nutrition

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Strength-QuotesI have been a strength and conditioning coach since 2002 and have worked with mainly athletes during this time. I’m the owner of the Athletic Edge where I have the privilege of helping all athletes in obtaining their overall goals from strength, agility, and speed. My main goal as a coach is to provide efficient motivation, knowledge, and desire for each athlete to attain their goals as an athlete and a team.

I have noticed for ten years as a trainer and an elite strength athlete many problems that cause unneeded health problems and lack of education when it comes to training all types of athletes.It is a major issue that I have when people come up with all of these weird ideas but skip the actual fundamentals when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and athletic training. Life is simple and sometimes we try to make things more complicated than what is needed.Here is an exert from my own coaching philosophy.

Overall Objectives:

My overall objectives as an Strength and Conditioning coach is to increase a better athlete and develop better character of each student athlete. Safety is of the utmost importance. I  show each athlete proper technique in each lift. We will have exercises to help limit concussions, ACL tears, and muscle sprains.

By showing each athlete the importance, as a person, healthy habits with nutrition and physical fitness, I will be helping in the development of their character by setting and reaching goals that will help them through out their lives. Reaching realistic goals will help the development of their self-esteem and allow them to gain better life habits. To reach any goal takes hard work through their nutrition and showing up on time for each and every workout. I will always be encouraging each athlete to be a goal setting, hard-working, and an honest person. I will help increase each athletes potential throughout our yearly periodization from our strength and conditioning program.. When an athlete leaves my gym there will be two things that happen: One, they will be better people and two, better athletes.

 As a coach I teach and write with the correct principles and my view on developing a healthier person and athlete. Our major goal is to get everyone to feel fit and have the understanding of the importance of being active whither its walking for 5 minutes or running a marathon. We want you to reach your personal Goals.

The topics and discussions that are presented  is athletic development,  Overall Health and nutrition . Some of the things we provide different workouts you can perform correctly on your own. We cover many topics in these categories and always encourage you to express your comments. Please take a moment and Browse through are some of our post and encouragement for all.

A little about me

I have a Bachelor degree with an emphasis in kinesiology and Bio-mechanics. I’m pursuing a Master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning from Southern Utah. I’m certified and a member with American College of Sports Medicine (CPT) . Also certified with National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCS) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (PES)….. more

I hope you gain some insight on Athletic development , Overall Health, and Nutrition.

Ammon Stephens. B.S  ACSM-CPT, CSCS, PES



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  1. Nice job on presenting a great resource for us all to read.

    Posted by Victorina | December 24, 2013, 8:03 am

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