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Goblet Squats


Setting up for the goblet squat, from your foot position to the way the weight is placed against the chest, this basically sets you up for solid form from the start.

  1. Hold a weight against the chest. If you have a kettlebell, grab it by the horns; with a dumbbell, hold one of the heads up vertically between your palms.
  2. Position your feet so your stance is a smidge outside shoulder-width, with your toes pointed slightly out. If you’re taller, you may need to widen the stance a little more.
  3. Drop it like it’s hot. That is, sit back and down between the knees, keeping your chest up the time. Make sure you’re not falling forward or rounding your back.
  4. Go down as low as you can while keeping your feet flat on the floor. If your heels come up, your stance is still too narrow.
  5. At the bottom, brush your elbows down the inside of your legs and push your knees out. This is what makes the goblet squat so special, so let me say that again: knees out, knees out, knees out.
  6. Shoot back up and stand tall at the top.

Unlike most exercises, this one is more difficult to execute incorrectly, which is why I like it so much.


Flat Footed Body Squats

Helps in a Flexibility, and Strength of the Hips and Lower Legs

Body Squats

  1. Stand erect, arms are either crossed over your chest or like the picture Forward
  2. Head up, Back Straight , Feet 16″ apart.
  3. Squat until the top of your thigh is parallel to floor
  4. Keep head up, back straight, knees slightly out.
  5. Return to your starting position
  6. Inhale down , exhale up
  7. Can also be done with close or wide stance
  8. If it is hard to get parallel to the floor point your toes 45 degrees out this will help with a lack of flexibility in your hip flexers

Barbell Hack Squat

Inner Legs


  1. Hold Barbell behind you at arms’ length.
  2. Keep bar tucked against buttocks and upper thighs.
  3. Palms up, facing back, hands as wide as hips.
  4. Turn  wrists up to lock bar solidly.
  5. Bar stays this way at all times.
  6. Head up, eyes up at 45 degree angle.
  7. Feet firmly on floor, about 22″ apart.
  8. Squat until upper thighs are parallel to floor.
  9. Return to starting position.
  10. Inhale down, exhale up.
  11. Can also be done with a medium stance 16″ apart


Stiff legged dumbbell Dead Lift

Stiff legged dumbbell Dead Lift

Obliques and Lower Back

Never round your back

Never round your back

  1. Stand erect, Feet Shoulder width ( 16” apart).
  2. Hold Dumbbells palms in.
  3. Keep back straight, head up, hips and knees locked.
  4. Bend forward until dumbbells touch floor.
  5. Return to starting position.
  6. Inhale down Exhale up.

Stiff Legged Barbell Good Morning (Lower Back)

I Love this exercise but make sure you have perfect form

  • Place Barbell on upper back with comfortable hand grip
  • Keep head up Back Straight , feet about 16″ apart.
  • Bend Forward until back is nearly parallel to the floor
  • Start with legs straight and as you bring weight forward, bend knees into half -squat as weight is at lowest point.
  • Return to starting position.
  • Inhale down, Exhale up.
Make sure you have good form

Make sure you have good form Never round your back 

Hip Adduction (Inner Thigh)

1. Place ankle Strap on Left ankle.
2. Stand with left side to wall pulley, far enough away so legsupports weight stack.

3. Hold on to waist-high object with right hand.
4. Start with left leg extended to side.
5. Pull left leg across, in front of right leg, keeping knee locked.
6. Return to starting postion.
7. Keep Back straight, do not swing body from side to side.
8. Inhale pulling, exhale returning.
9. Repeat with Right leg.

Dumbbell Box Squats

1. With 16″ high bench behind you, Stand with heels even with end of bench .
2.Hold dumbbells at sides, at arms’ length,palms in.

3.Keep head up, back straight, feet firmly on floor , 16″ apart.
4.Squat until buttocks touch the bench
5.Do not sit on bench, keep tension on thighs.
6.Keep knees close together.
7.Return to starting position
8.Inhale down, Exhale up
9.Can also be done with heels elevated on 2×4
* There are many variations that can be done by box squats*

Hip Abduction (Hips)

1. Stand erect. left side facing wall pulley
2. With Ankle strap on right ankle, step back far enough from pulley so leg supports weight stack.

3. Stand with legs together.
4.Raise right leg up and out to side as far as possible.
5.Return leg to starting position.
6.Keep back straight, do not swing body from side to side.
7.Face right side to wall and repeat with left leg.
8.Inhale up, Exhale down.

Dumbbell Side Lunges

1.Hold Dumbbells at arm’s length, palms in.
2.Keep head up, back straight, feet close together.

3.Step to side as far as possible with right leg until upper thigh is almost parallel to floor.
4.Keep left leg as straight as possible.
5.Step back to starting position.
6.Inhale out, exhale back.
7.Repeat with left leg.
8.Can also be done with barbell held behind the neck.

Barbell Front Lunges (Thighs, Hamstrings, Buttocks)

1.Place barbell on upper back.
2.Use comfortable hand grip (similar to the squat)

3.Keep head up, back straight, feet about 6″ apart.
4.Step forward as far as possible with left leg until upper left thigh is almost parallel to floor.
5.Keep right leg as straight possible.
6.Step back to starting position.
7.Inhale out, exhale back.
8.Repeat with right leg.

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