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Who is getting bullied? Carbs are!


2263846414_3ca22c2704_bIt’s funny when looking at diet fads because it seems they like to pick on some foods. We see some say “no gluten” or “no carbohydrates,” something you are going without. Our bodies are really complex  with many needs. Knowing these needs is crucial in staying healthy. There are many people who are allergic to certain foods and have to go without. If you are like my father-in-law, who is allergic to fruits, its hard for him to put his overall diet together.Since he is allergic, does it mean his body doesn’t need the vitamins and minerals from that source of food? Our body has very specific needs to be healthy.

Carbohydrates get bullied alot with false claims. One of the biggest misconceptions is that carbs make a person put weight on. No, it doesn’t. Excessive calories put weight on the body. When we over consume on food with a sedentary life, we have too many calories for what energy expenditure the body is in need of.

Why being bullied?

So why do people feel that carbohydrates are bad? It’s because of two things. Either having a hidden agenda or the lack of education on nutrition. Now, I have said this many times in different ways, our bodies are complex. They have many needs to stay healthy. Does this mean we have to over indulge on some products and forget others? No. I’m saying that to get anything out of a diet we need to look at our energy expenditure and be really honest with ourselves on what is getting placed  into our body.

Carbohydrates are the main energy resource for the body and should be a large percentage of our diet. If we don’t include carbs, we are depriving our muscles of important energy resources. When we start to deprive our body of carbohydrates, our body will be stimulated negatively. It becomes stimulated negatively because your body will have to go through an extensive manipulation of protein to generate the lack of nutrients for the body.

Not to side track, but protein is only for repair and rebuilding the body up. It is not intended to be an energy source. When we lack carbohydrates, we are depriving our bodies of necessary nutrition. When the body is deprived of carbohydrates, the proteins (for repair and rebuilding the body), we have digested will then that be used for glycogen. This process is longer because your liver is where the body has to convert proteins into glycogen. Now you are lacking the protein for repairing of the body. Once we start this cycle you can see that your body will be scrounging for the right nutrients. Also, when this starts you can see a vicious cycle your body will be fighting.

What is the plan ?

If you feel you are lacking the proper nutrients or feel there is just not enough time to get the right nutrients in each day. You need to do a better evaluation on what your activities are, when you are eating, and the nutritional value of that food. When making choices you need to have a plan. With a good plan, there will come better habits. With better habits the carbohydrates will not be bullied.

Once we realize that being overweight is not the carbohydrates problem, but the overall calories we consume, along with our overall physical activity, we can put a better plan together to increase our overall health. With an increase in being healthy comes all the benefits, from extra energy, proper digestion, and an overall feeling of peace.



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