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Exercise of The Day, Leg Exercises

Goblet Squats


Setting up for the goblet squat, from your foot position to the way the weight is placed against the chest, this basically sets you up for solid form from the start.

  1. Hold a weight against the chest. If you have a kettlebell, grab it by the horns; with a dumbbell, hold one of the heads up vertically between your palms.
  2. Position your feet so your stance is a smidge outside shoulder-width, with your toes pointed slightly out. If you’re taller, you may need to widen the stance a little more.
  3. Drop it like it’s hot. That is, sit back and down between the knees, keeping your chest up the time. Make sure you’re not falling forward or rounding your back.
  4. Go down as low as you can while keeping your feet flat on the floor. If your heels come up, your stance is still too narrow.
  5. At the bottom, brush your elbows down the inside of your legs and push your knees out. This is what makes the goblet squat so special, so let me say that again: knees out, knees out, knees out.
  6. Shoot back up and stand tall at the top.

Unlike most exercises, this one is more difficult to execute incorrectly, which is why I like it so much.



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