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When is a good time ?

girl_covered_chocolateMy kids love many things; playing with monster trucks, eating candy, and watching movies.  Should  they do all of them at the same time? When should  they be able to make the most efficient play time? When we look at athletics and nutrition there are some building blocks we should all know. Fats , protein, and carbohydrates these three are the focal point on every person for overall health. Carbohydrates and Fats get a bad rap, but these are the two major resources for fuel for the body. Protein is very misunderstood too, it isn’t an energy source primarily and has to go through rigorous process within the body to develop into an energy source. Protein needs to be looked at as a repair mechanism and that only.

Now back to my kids. They like to do many different things each day and each activity has their reward for them. When we look at Carbohydrate Moleculecarbohydrates and what one carbohydrate is to another it is the way the molecule is structured. A simple sugar is just one molecule and is very high in the glycemic index. This means when the body breaks down that molecule it triggers a reaction in the pancreas to secrete alot of insulin into the body. Insulin is a transport mechanism for the nutrients for the cells to receive the nutrients.

Carbohydrates can be looked at in three major sub categories . These subcategories are based on the molecular structure of that carbohydrate. We have Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, and Polysaccharides. The compounds found in all three types are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Depending on the structure of each molecule is how quickly it will be broken down into an energy source for the body. When we look at simple sugars or fructose the structure is very small and for this reason the body does not have to make a huge effort towards the break down of this carbohydrate.

Why is it so bad to eat these simple sugars? It is because of the secretion of insulin is so great. It is so easy to be broken down the body has a large amount of glucose in a little amount of time this causes that sudden sugar rush. We only get this huge sensation from the first two carbohydrate molecules Mono and Disaccharides. If we continue in this lifestyle and consuming alot of smaller carbohydrates (simple sugars) it will eventually cause many health problems. Type II Diabetes is caused when the pancreas stops the production of insulin, because it has been working in overdrive for too long.

Like I was mentioning about my kids, there is a time and place for everything and we should have a plan and an understanding on why I’m doing this and it will cause this to my body. Before physical activity one should look at a mix of both complex carbs the polysaccharides and a little bit of simple sugars. This will get energy up quick and the complex sugar will help hold the blood sugar up for a longer period of time instead of having that crashing effect.

I know this is a simple idea but one that is beneficial. I believe  that being healthy and staying healthy comes with a plan and a structure if we are aware of why something happens we are able to obtain our goals faster. With this new year sugars can be good in it’s time and place.



3 thoughts on “When is a good time ?

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    Posted by Houston Macklin | January 27, 2014, 4:07 am
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    Posted by Joshua Ostrosky | January 27, 2014, 11:35 pm

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