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Exercise of The Day, Explosive Movements




  1. Start out with a loaded barbell on the ground.be close to or touching the shins, along with a broad hold must be obtained around the bar. your feet must be precisely below the hips, with the feet turned out as needed. Lower the hips, with the chest up and the head looking forward. The shoulders must be just in front of the bar. this is the starting position.
  2. Begin the initial pull by driving through the front of the heels, elevating the bar from the ground. The back angle should remain the same till the bar passes by the knees.
  3. Transition into the 2nd pull by simply extending through the hips knees and ankles, driving the bar up as fast as possible. The bar must be close to the entire body. with maximum extension, shrug the shoulders and enable the actual elbows to flex to the side.
  4. As you move your feet into the receiving position, a slightly broader position, pull yourself under the bar as you raise the bar above your head. The bar must be received|acquired in a partial squat. proceed raising|elevating the bar towards the over head position, getting the bar locked out over head .
  5. Return to your original standing position with the weight over head.


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