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Athletic Development

How do athletes become better or more efficient

michael-phelps3On linked in I read a discussion from a trainers opinion on if you should do squats all the way to the ground. I read many opinions on this topic and felt I needed   to make my two cents on this subject. Now working with athletes and developing a better functioning athlete there needs to be a few things to look at.

The first one is what sport do they play and what position in that sport. Each sport requires certain skills or functioning Range of Motion. What do I mean by functioning Range of Motion? We need to know what movements that are being performed and how to be  Faster, more agility, stronger, and more powerful in that range of motion. The more efficient we are in that range of motion we will be able to perform better.

When training any athlete you have to know the strengths and weakness. When starting a program for an athlete we have to do an initial screening. This allows for an assessment what each athlete is capable of  first. Everyone wants to say I can create the perfect training regime. The perfect regime is the one that is adjustable depending on the athlete. Not one athlete is the same , and we can’t expect if this worked for athlete A then athlete C should do this.

I’m  not going to talk on how to do a screening , but afterwards we need to understand the goals of each athlete golden rule no more than  2 goals for a session.Now back to the range of motion it takes thought and understanding of the movement of the human body. What muscles do what and how. An example is a basketball player grabbing a rebound there are two things the athlete is doing First he is accelerating in the air because of his hips and second is extending the arms to grab the ball. Now how do we work on both movements. This is where the screening comes into place. where are they efficient in, what level of an athlete are they in ,what exercises do they know how to perform.

You can’t ask  the body to provide certain movements without first knowing them. Until you teach your body on how to perform that movement we are unable to function properly and efficiently as an athlete. This is where alot of crossfit places go wrong they just want you to move fast without knowing how to do the lifts. With bad form comes injury and you will develop bad motor skills for improper form. This will translate onto the field in a positive or negative manner depending on how things are being developed.

What exercises should we perform for a better athlete. This is very simple multi-joint exercises are the best exercises to perform as long as they are being done right. These exercises are needed to develop a stronger and faster moving athlete which is a more powerful athlete. We need to be efficient on the exercises that are multi joint what results are we going to get what is the intensity level? what is the tempo being done? We need to keep all exercises at their level and build upon them with the most efficient manner.





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