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Step Ups with a barbell

Step Ups with Barbell

  1. Place barbell on shoulders.
  2. Step up with left leg onto flat bench
  3. Step up with right leg
  4. Step down with left  leg first, then right leg.
  5. Repeat, starting with right leg
  6. Inhale down , Exhale up.




  1. Start out with a loaded barbell on the ground.be close to or touching the shins, along with a broad hold must be obtained around the bar. your feet must be precisely below the hips, with the feet turned out as needed. Lower the hips, with the chest up and the head looking forward. The shoulders must be just in front of the bar. this is the starting position.
  2. Begin the initial pull by driving through the front of the heels, elevating the bar from the ground. The back angle should remain the same till the bar passes by the knees.
  3. Transition into the 2nd pull by simply extending through the hips knees and ankles, driving the bar up as fast as possible. The bar must be close to the entire body. with maximum extension, shrug the shoulders and enable the actual elbows to flex to the side.
  4. As you move your feet into the receiving position, a slightly broader position, pull yourself under the bar as you raise the bar above your head. The bar must be received|acquired in a partial squat. proceed raising|elevating the bar towards the over head position, getting the bar locked out over head .
  5. Return to your original standing position with the weight over head.

When is a good time ?

girl_covered_chocolateMy kids love many things; playing with monster trucks, eating candy, and watching movies.  Should  they do all of them at the same time? When should  they be able to make the most efficient play time? When we look at athletics and nutrition there are some building blocks we should all know. Fats , protein, and carbohydrates these three are the focal point on every person for overall health. Carbohydrates and Fats get a bad rap, but these are the two major resources for fuel for the body. Protein is very misunderstood too, it isn’t an energy source primarily and has to go through rigorous process within the body to develop into an energy source. Protein needs to be looked at as a repair mechanism and that only.

Now back to my kids. They like to do many different things each day and each activity has their reward for them. When we look at Carbohydrate Moleculecarbohydrates and what one carbohydrate is to another it is the way the molecule is structured. A simple sugar is just one molecule and is very high in the glycemic index. This means when the body breaks down that molecule it triggers a reaction in the pancreas to secrete alot of insulin into the body. Insulin is a transport mechanism for the nutrients for the cells to receive the nutrients.

Carbohydrates can be looked at in three major sub categories . These subcategories are based on the molecular structure of that carbohydrate. We have Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, and Polysaccharides. The compounds found in all three types are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Depending on the structure of each molecule is how quickly it will be broken down into an energy source for the body. When we look at simple sugars or fructose the structure is very small and for this reason the body does not have to make a huge effort towards the break down of this carbohydrate.

Why is it so bad to eat these simple sugars? It is because of the secretion of insulin is so great. It is so easy to be broken down the body has a large amount of glucose in a little amount of time this causes that sudden sugar rush. We only get this huge sensation from the first two carbohydrate molecules Mono and Disaccharides. If we continue in this lifestyle and consuming alot of smaller carbohydrates (simple sugars) it will eventually cause many health problems. Type II Diabetes is caused when the pancreas stops the production of insulin, because it has been working in overdrive for too long.

Like I was mentioning about my kids, there is a time and place for everything and we should have a plan and an understanding on why I’m doing this and it will cause this to my body. Before physical activity one should look at a mix of both complex carbs the polysaccharides and a little bit of simple sugars. This will get energy up quick and the complex sugar will help hold the blood sugar up for a longer period of time instead of having that crashing effect.

I know this is a simple idea but one that is beneficial. I believe  that being healthy and staying healthy comes with a plan and a structure if we are aware of why something happens we are able to obtain our goals faster. With this new year sugars can be good in it’s time and place.

Hang Snatch


1.Start with a wide grip on the bar, using an overhand or hook grip. The feet must be directly beneath the hips with the feet turned out. Your knees should be slightly bent, and the torso inclined forward. The spine should be fully extended and the head facing forward. The bar should be at the hips. This will be your starting position.

2.Aggressively extend with the legs as well as hips. At peak extension, shrug the shoulder muscles and enable the elbows to flex to the side.

3.While you move your feet in to the receiving position, vigorously draw yourself under the bar as you raise the bar overhead. Receive the bar along with your body as low as possible and the arms completely extended overhead.

4.Get back to a standing posture with the weight overhead. Follow by simply returning the weight towards the floor under control.

How do athletes become better or more efficient

michael-phelps3On linked in I read a discussion from a trainers opinion on if you should do squats all the way to the ground. I read many opinions on this topic and felt I needed   to make my two cents on this subject. Now working with athletes and developing a better functioning athlete there needs to be a few things to look at.

The first one is what sport do they play and what position in that sport. Each sport requires certain skills or functioning Range of Motion. What do I mean by functioning Range of Motion? We need to know what movements that are being performed and how to be  Faster, more agility, stronger, and more powerful in that range of motion. The more efficient we are in that range of motion we will be able to perform better.

When training any athlete you have to know the strengths and weakness. When starting a program for an athlete we have to do an initial screening. This allows for an assessment what each athlete is capable of  first. Everyone wants to say I can create the perfect training regime. The perfect regime is the one that is adjustable depending on the athlete. Not one athlete is the same , and we can’t expect if this worked for athlete A then athlete C should do this.

I’m  not going to talk on how to do a screening , but afterwards we need to understand the goals of each athlete golden rule no more than  2 goals for a session.Now back to the range of motion it takes thought and understanding of the movement of the human body. What muscles do what and how. An example is a basketball player grabbing a rebound there are two things the athlete is doing First he is accelerating in the air because of his hips and second is extending the arms to grab the ball. Now how do we work on both movements. This is where the screening comes into place. where are they efficient in, what level of an athlete are they in ,what exercises do they know how to perform.

You can’t ask  the body to provide certain movements without first knowing them. Until you teach your body on how to perform that movement we are unable to function properly and efficiently as an athlete. This is where alot of crossfit places go wrong they just want you to move fast without knowing how to do the lifts. With bad form comes injury and you will develop bad motor skills for improper form. This will translate onto the field in a positive or negative manner depending on how things are being developed.

What exercises should we perform for a better athlete. This is very simple multi-joint exercises are the best exercises to perform as long as they are being done right. These exercises are needed to develop a stronger and faster moving athlete which is a more powerful athlete. We need to be efficient on the exercises that are multi joint what results are we going to get what is the intensity level? what is the tempo being done? We need to keep all exercises at their level and build upon them with the most efficient manner.



Flat Footed Body Squats

Helps in a Flexibility, and Strength of the Hips and Lower Legs

Body Squats

  1. Stand erect, arms are either crossed over your chest or like the picture Forward
  2. Head up, Back Straight , Feet 16″ apart.
  3. Squat until the top of your thigh is parallel to floor
  4. Keep head up, back straight, knees slightly out.
  5. Return to your starting position
  6. Inhale down , exhale up
  7. Can also be done with close or wide stance
  8. If it is hard to get parallel to the floor point your toes 45 degrees out this will help with a lack of flexibility in your hip flexers

Barbell Hack Squat

Inner Legs


  1. Hold Barbell behind you at arms’ length.
  2. Keep bar tucked against buttocks and upper thighs.
  3. Palms up, facing back, hands as wide as hips.
  4. Turn  wrists up to lock bar solidly.
  5. Bar stays this way at all times.
  6. Head up, eyes up at 45 degree angle.
  7. Feet firmly on floor, about 22″ apart.
  8. Squat until upper thighs are parallel to floor.
  9. Return to starting position.
  10. Inhale down, exhale up.
  11. Can also be done with a medium stance 16″ apart


Weight Loss what’s a phony


Weight loss is something everyone wants, but how do we achieve that desired goal? We look at many things from cosmetics to all natural ideas. It seems alot of people have Ideas on what is the right way. Lets be honest here, there are many products out there that are a scam. How do we know what is a scam and what is not?

What principles are correct, what are the myths, and what are the scams? If it sounds to good to be true,it is. Nothing comes without some sort of change. If anything says you won’t need to change your lifestyle, do not believe them. You got into your situation because of the lifestyle you started. Even if your genes are geared for weight gain and slow metabolism there are still things you can do to change and make life more healthy and manageable.

I did mention there are a few principles or things to look for to see if it is legit. One is how does it effect my metabolism? Your metabolism is how effective we are able to use food into energy to make it simple. If we have a fast metabolism, it means we are able to be efficient in burning alot of calories into energy. If we have a slow inefficient metabolism the body will store alot of the calories into fat.

To increase the effectiveness of your metabolism there are some small principles, if done consistently, will help you gain a better metabolism. When do you eat and how often you eat are very important. Also, the volume you are eating is very critical. We have to reach a certain intake each day within those calories. They are broken into 3 major groups, fats, protein, and carbohydrates.

This leads to our next concern. Are we getting an excess of nutrients or a delinquent amount of nutrients? If some product says only eat this product, it is wrong. All three major nutritional groups provide specific needs that make up a balance within the body. Without one specific nutrient, it can throw the body out of balance. Out of balance in all likely hood is making the body unhealthy even if you are unable to notice it.

When your body is missing a nutrient, it either will miss it completely and the area needing the nutrient will either wither away. Or the body will need to spend time trying to produce it. Now I’m not going in depth in all aspects of what is a false claim or not, but what I have mentioned here are very sound principles that have to be used if you are going to feel healthy and lose weight…the right way.

You can look at any product and see if they follow a few simple rules, you will know how legit it is. If it makes some outlandish claim, it properly is stretching too far to gain some sells. You can sign up for our email list to get new ideas on products , exercise and nutrition ideas.

Body-weight Triceps Extension


Bodyweight Tricep Extension

  1. Stand against object slightly lower than waist height, hands about 12″ apart, palms down
  2. Keep back straight , head down, knees locked.
  3. Bend arms at elbows, lower yourself until head is between hands.
  4. Forearms and biceps touching, elbows, lower yourself until head is between hands.
  5. Forearms and biceps should be touching, elbows close to head.
  6. Press back to starting postion keeping elbows close to head
  7. Press back to starting postion keeping elbows in
  8. Inhale down , Exhale up

Standing Palms In Dumbbell Press

Front and Outer Deltoids

Standing Palms in Dumbbell Press1


  1. Raise dumbbells to shoulder height.
  2. Lock legs and hips
  3. Keep elbows in palms in
  4. Press dumbbells straight up to arms’ length
  5. Return to shoulder height
  6. Inhale up exhale down
  7. Can also be done seated or with barbell, seated, seated or standing

Standing Palms in Dumbbell Press

Can We Slow Them Down? Concussions

Football Concussion

How do we prevent concussion ?

Watching my one year old ( actually 18 months old) get into everything I feel like “STOP !!!” Half of the time he is getting into everything and if not, he is crying for attention. While watching the Kansas City Chiefs vs Indianapolis Colts I had alot of feelings, trying to tell the Colts stop and watching all the concussions the Chiefs had and saying, “WOW!!!”

With the recent media exposure of what concussions are how they happen, there is more attention on ways to prevent them. When a concussion occurs, generally during football, it is when your head hits the ground after the body hits the ground. What happens when a concussion happens inside the skull is the brain will bounce around and will get bruised.

Can we stop the brain from bouncing around in the skull? No we can’t. When the brain bounces, we  are too late. The biggest thing we can do to prevent concussions are, stabilizing and strengthening what is holding the skull up, from having a violent collision with the ground. The muscles to strengthen will be the neck and the traps. These muscles are the main areas that control the movement and stabilization of the head.Concussion

Now what can we do to help control the amount of concussions that will occur in high school, college, and pro’s? We have to build the areas that are deficient. The traps can be broken into three areas, Upper , Mid, and Lower Traps. The neck has many muscles  but the two we will focus on are the Sternocleidomastoid muscle and the Splenius muscles.   These muscles are the ones we will focus on to help prevent concussions.

The Sternocleidomastoid muscle is in front and allows the body to move in all four directions. The sternocleidomastoid originates at the manubrium of the sternum and the Anterior superior surface of the medial clavicle. The insertion of Sternocleidomastoid is the mastoid process, which is behind the jaw. While the Splenius muscles are in the back and attach or originate at the T3-T6 vertebrae and inserts at first three cervical vertebrae. The mastoid process and occipital bone is the bottom of the skull. The splenius muscles will allow the same movement. How do we strengthen these muscles? We strengthen these muscles by increasing  a resistance towards their actual movement.

The traps, which is a large stabilizing muscle, helps in the stabilization of the shoulder and the neck. If you have ever shrugged your shoulders then you have used your traps. It attached or inserts on the scapula to the clavicle and it originates C- 7  vertebrae to the T1-12 vertebrae.  To increase strength of your traps you again need to create resistance of their movement.

To create an exercise program, what exercises should we use? There are many, but the main ones I will show are simple ones that can be performed either during practice, the gym, or even at home.

 For the Neck:

Seated Buddy-System Neck Resistance

Front, Side and Rear Neck Muscles
  1. Sit at end of flat bench or chair
  2. cross arms or hold end of bench for support.
  3. Keep back straight, head up.
  4. Have training partner place a towel over head to keep your head from slipping.
  5. Partner stands to rear, straddling bench, with hands on your forehead.
  6. Pull your head down as partner provides resistance.
  7. Partner then smoothly and evenly pulls head back to a comfortable position.
  8. Resist with neck muscles
  9. Do prescribed number of reps ( 10 is good on each side)
  10. Do the same up and down movement with partner’s hands on back of neck.
  11. Partner now shifts to right side.
  12. Repeat up and down movements
  13. Then shift to left side and repeat.
  14. Do not let partner push or pull head far enough to cause discomfort.

Standing Band Neck Resistance

Front, Side and Rear Neck Muscles
  1. Use a band you can get it them at amazon or www.elitefts.net/
  2. Tie the band around a post or gym machine
  3. Place the band over head against the forehead
  4. Step Forward to stretch band.
  5. Pull Head forward as far as comfortable.
  6. Continue forward and backward for prescribed number of reps (10 to 12 reps)
  7. Turn around, place band against back of head
  8. Draw head back to furthest comfortable position.
  9. Continue going backward and forward for prescribed number of reps (10 to 12 reps)
  10. Place band against right side of head just above ear and go from side to side.
  11. Switch to left side and complete reps.

For  Traps:


Upper Traps
  1. Stand next to the bar with feet at a shoulder width apart 16″
  2. Grab the bar  with thumbs closes to you.
  3. Lift the bar with head looking forward
  4. Shrug your shoulders up towards the head.
  5. Keep your elbows locked
  6. Repeat until you finish the number of reps that are prescribed

CONCUSSIONS1These are a few things we can do to help prevent concussions. With an awareness of preventing concussions  through strengthening these muscles the amount of concussions caused from the head hitting the ground will go down.  By these simple exercises that can be performed in numerous places we shouldn’t have excuses in performing for are athletes.

Medium Grip Barbell Upright Row

Front Deltoids and Traps

Start at this postion

  1. Hold barbell , palms down , Hands 18″ apart
  2. Start with bar at arms’ length
  3. Pull bar straight up until nearly under the chin.
  4.  Keep elbows out to side, as high as ears.
  5. Keep bar close to body
  6. Pause momentarily at top before lowering to starting position
  7. Inhale up, Exhale down
  8. Concentrate on deltoids as you lower weight
  9. Can alter by making grip wider

Medium Grip Barbell Upright Row1

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