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Who is crying my Son or my Body?

Boy CryingMy little boy will do some of the silliest things, and while he is doing them finds out oops I’m stuck and how do I get out of this situation. How do I know he is stuck? Well a one year old will do one thing super well , he will cry.

Are bodies do the same thing but cry in different ways. There are many things are bodies will tell us we are stuck. This can be over training lack of sleep deficient in certain nutrients and the list can go on. When we are doing anything to be more healthy, stronger or a better athlete. We should have an idea on why we are doing it and what result is going to happen from this exercise.

My father in law isn’t an athlete he is a mechanic and a good one at that. He is recovering from an heart attack. The doctor and myself have both told him the best thing to keep his heart healthy is eating right and exercising. There was a period of time before the heart attack his body was making small cries about being healthy. Then he had a large cry and a scary one at that.

Going to the gym or the grocery store we should have an idea of what this action will cause.”The result from this action will be this ….. because of this reason…….. “ there are certain stimulates when the body faces them will react in a certain pattern There are three main stimulates when going to the gym. If we follow these rules we will get this result. These three principles are the overload , Reversibility, and last principle the Specificity principle (SAID principle). These principles if followed in a structured manor that will cause many different things for the body. We will see hypertrophy, greater strength, and are health will become better, to name a few things.

What do these three principles do and how should we follow them to get better results at the gym.

Overload: This is the main principle in gaining any advantage at the gym. The overload principle is saying you have to exercise a system or tissue above what it is accustomed to in order to have any type of training to occur. The body will adapt to this stimulate so you are wanting to adjust the training in one of three ways intensity duration, and frequency.

Reversibility: Indicates if you stop the overload principle the body will atrophy. Or if you follow again the Overload principle will gain hypertrophy and may even hyperplasia.

Specificity or (SAID): The specificity needs to be taken in,when evaluating our objectives. The There are two types of activities we can do: an aerobic exercise and an anerobic exercise these two types of exercises will have two different results. Depending on what we are doing will result in the type of muscle fibers recruited.

Now back to my father in law who is in his 50’s is a mechanic and just suffered a heart attack. His heart told him it needs to be fixed or it will get worse. The overload principle states we have to stimulate the tissue to gain growth. We do this by intensity,duration,and frequency. Does my father in law need to be super intense now? No it’s not practical in his situation. He just needs to stimulate his heart enough to gain a healthy heart. Does he need to do it every day? Again the answer is no. At first he just needed to raise his heart rate up a little bit, not to work his heart to much, and the frequency needed is 3 days a week for only 30 min. What does he have to do, does it have to be a lot? No it doesn’t all he needs to do is go for a walk that raises his heart up and keeping it consistent for at least 30 min.

Now there are many avenues I can talk about with each role with the body and gaining a better advantage when it comes to getting the most of are exercise programs. The main point I want to mention: I don’t need to overdo it, exert the body super intense all the time to become healthy. As my father in law walking 3 days a week keeping his heart rate raised for at least 30 min will help in achieving a healthier heart.



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