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We can only reach are large goals by focusing on our smaller ones first

We can only reach are large goals by focusing on our smaller ones first

One of my favorite places is Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah. If  you have seen Bryce Canyon you will see why  it is so beautiful.  It is by years and years of weathering from the natural elements from temperatures that go up and down dramatically and from water and the wind. For it to get so beautiful was done over a long period of time. This also goes with our bodies and having goals and obtaining those goals.

As a trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach we must have a plan before going to the gym or going on a walk or what ever we are trying to do for our health. When putting a plan together there needs to be goals that will be part of that plan. One major mistake I see is setting certain goals and then feeling disappointed when there not reaching them or if it is going to slow.

When setting a plan together there are alot of factors we should take into consideration. I’m not going to talk about all of them right now but will have a few thoughts when setting goals on what is practical and what is not a practical goal. There are two things I would like to say on setting and obtaining your Health goals.

First is what level of physical fitness are we in this is so important. As a world-class strength athlete my goals were always different from a Novice lifter then of myself. We need to be honest with ourselves and say I’m at this fitness level and my first obtainable goal has to be within that level. When we do this there are going to be many things that will happen to us physically and mentally.

We will quickly be able to see physically I lost 2 lbs this week and be pleased with that instead of setting an unrealistic goal of my friend lost 10 lbs by doing this exercise so I should also. When we compare  ourselves to others we are already setting us up for failure. When we set realistic and small goals we will obtain are larger goals in-time.   By doing this we will keep ourselves more interested in staying health and not be so disinterested within a few months.

The next thing I would like to say in setting a realistic goal is celebrating are small achievements or reaching Personal Records (PRs). Don’t be satisfied with the small achievements but let people know hey I lost 2 lbs or my bench press went up 5 lbs. This will help staying mentally motivated and sticking with it as well as it can help others to stay motivated and setting small realistic goals as well.

When I say celebrate I don’t mean brag about it.  when somebody has increased their bench press of 2.5 lbs we all say congrats but we never put down or discourage the others, but continue to say what is the next PR I can obtain or help you reach.  There are alot of things to think about when setting goals but these few things will allow all of us to stay motivated in staying active and reaching are larger goals over time.



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