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Athletic Development

Sport Specific Movements


Developing a better athlete means how quickly or how fast can I effectively get the job done compared to the other athlete. Every athlete is always being compared to another. During every draft we hear comparison to an existing pro athlete  to the one being drafted.

When lifting weights and doing plyometrics and general conditioning will generate an overall good athlete. But to get over the hump you need to translate the conditioning and strength training to the  field. This is where sports specific training is started.

This training is never the same for each athlete. The evaluation of the athletes strengths and weakness need to be evaluated. This is a most we can’t make better athletes without first finding what to make better and improve on.

Some things to think about when starting a training regime for an athlete is what do their sports require. Do they have lateral movement? Do they have to jump? Do they have to change directions quickly? REALLY WHAT IS REQUIRED OF THE ATHLETE!!??

Here is an effective method to help improve on sport specific training. Any thing that will require more resistance for the athlete will help to get more power out of the athlete.

As an example for a Running back or defensive back A weighted vest and ankle weights while doing cone drills for agility and quickness will require the athlete to recruit more motor units to fire the more motor units means more muscle fibers firing which in turn means generating more power more power means doing things with more speed.

This is just a small fraction to keep in consideration when getting the results from your training. Every one is training but who is doing the most effective and getting the best results?





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