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Exercise of The Day, Upper Body Exercises

Standing Bent-Over One-Arm Lat Pull-In On Low-Pulley – Lower Lats


  • Stand in front of a wall pulley.
  • Step back far enough from the pulley to enable your arms to support the weight stacks as you bend at the waist keeping your back parallel to the floor as you grasp the right lower pulley handle with your right hand.
  • Place your left hand on your upper left thigh to help support your upper body.
  • With your right arm extended in front of you, inhale and pull the pulley cable in your right hand to the side of your right chest even with the right pectoral.
  • Return to starting position and exhale.
  • Do the prescribed number of repetitions with your right arm and then change positions doing the same number of repetitions with your left arm.


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