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Dumbbell Upright Row – Deltiods

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand at arm’s length and resting against your upper thighs.
  • Keep the dumbbells 10 inches apart and your thumbs facing each other.
  • Pull the ‘bells straight up until they’re nearly even with your chin.
  • Keep your elbows out.
  • At the top position the dumbbells should be level with your ears.
  • Keep the ‘bells close to your body, and pause at the top.
  • Concentrate on keeping tension on your shoulders as you lower the weights.Dumbbell Upright Row - Deltiods

Standing Bent-Over One-Arm Lat Pull-In On Low-Pulley – Lower Lats


  • Stand in front of a wall pulley.
  • Step back far enough from the pulley to enable your arms to support the weight stacks as you bend at the waist keeping your back parallel to the floor as you grasp the right lower pulley handle with your right hand.
  • Place your left hand on your upper left thigh to help support your upper body.
  • With your right arm extended in front of you, inhale and pull the pulley cable in your right hand to the side of your right chest even with the right pectoral.
  • Return to starting position and exhale.
  • Do the prescribed number of repetitions with your right arm and then change positions doing the same number of repetitions with your left arm.

Value in Supplements

nutritional-supplementsThe value is just that it helps to supplement on your daily Balanced Diet. To answer the question supplements will either be good for you or a waste of time. This always dependent on how the product is made.

Manufactures are either good and give good quality products or they give fake crab. So before looking into the actual supplement look at the company first. How is their reputation are they well-known.

The next thing I recommend is, have an idea of what your overall fitness and nutritional goals are. How are you obtaining your goals ? The last thing to look at what are your pre and post workout routines. Are you looking for more energy and  recovery during and after the workout and are you having protein and carbs during the first 45 min after a workout.

These are all things to think about before picking out supplements. The value is just that they are good but aren’t intended to replace a well planned balance diet but with proper planning and education a supplement program will help to live a well balanced and healthy life.

Medium-Grip Push-Up Between Stools – Upper and Outer Pectorals

push up

  • Position stools and foot rest as shown.
  • Place hands about 24″ apart on stools.
  • Keeping body rigid, lower yourself until chest is between stools.
  • Pause at bottom, then press to starting position.
  • Inhale down, exhale up.
  • As exercise gets easier, separate stools and dip lower.


Fitness Mot

Consistency is the major issue when looking on staying fit. So when looking at exercises to perform look first at what you want to accomplish over a long period of time. When you have determined  here is some small steps in setting a successful fitness routine.

1. Set a goal or Goals

  • Example : Have small goals like going to the gym every other day first. With major goals like feel healthier for the year

2. Be realistic with goals

  •    example : lose 1 lb at a time don’t set a goal I want to lose 10 lbs by this  time.  You are helping to set yourself up for failure with that goal

3. Don’t over do it

  • You will gain Lactic acid when exercising, which is where the soreness comes from.  Overdoing it is where you work too hard to quickly where you aren’t use to the soreness and muscle trauma.

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