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Bent over Low Pulley Rear Deltoid Raise (Rear Deltoid)

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1.Stand with left side facing wall pulley.
2.Hold bottom handle of pulley with right hand.

3.Stand erect, far enough from machine to create tension on cable.
4.Bend until torso is nearly parallel to floor.
5.Place left hand on left thigh just above knee.
6.Keep right elbow locked arm straight.
7.Pull weight up and out in semicircular motion until right hand is as high as shoulder, in line with ear.
8.Inhale up, exhale Down.
9. Reverse position and repeat with left arm.

*can be down with a bench also


Should we be Anabolic?

Eating Healthy

Ok everybody seems to want one of two things lose weight or Gain Muscle.  The answer for both is the same need we have to place our body in an anabolic state. With an anabolic state means healthy metabolism , healthy eating habits, more energy and overall better self-image of your self

The answer is simple and of course I can answer it in one word. Before I do that what really is anabolic and how does it affect us. There are two major stages we place are bodies in:  Anabolic or Catabolic. what do they mean?

Anabolic: anabolic is a simple term which basically means growth. When your body is naturally gaining the nutrients to stay out of starvation mode you are in an anabolic state. Your body has a time-table  for nutrients and keeping your metabolism running in an optimum rate.

Catabolic: This is the opposite of growth Catabolic destroys the body . When the body is in a Catabolic state means it isn’t getting the proper nutrients in a timely matter. You don’t want to be in this stage. When the body is in this stage it also known as starvation mode.

So we have made the distinction of the two stages we place on our body. When you here , you need to eat 6 meals a day . There is only one reason why ,your body is in need of nutrients at all times. When you have 3 meals a day there are hours you are depriving your body of nutrients. When this habit is occurring you are going from an anabolic state to a Catabolic state and your body moves to the starvation mode.

Starvation mode is when your body has learned that the nutrients aren’t coming on a regular basis so it needs to hold on to what little nutrients it can. This causes fat storage and your metabolism goes from good to bad.

Do the meals have to be big ,NO. Start off by Planning  your meals around daily activities , and remember the big three foodpyramidFats , Carbs, and Protein.  Each one needs to be thought of and used in their perspective orders. Carbs give you the energy (complex carbs are great because it helps keep your blood sugar leveled ) Protein helps in maintenance of the body while fats like omega 3 help with brain function, lubrication of joints to name a few things.

So having a small plan around your activities and eating on a regular basis 6 plus meals will allow your body to stay in an anabolic stage and a promise or a Christmas Gift is you will have more energy, feel better, and  have a desire to be out in about


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