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Why start now?

Ok so we all take risk and our own daredevils and risk takers.One thing we can never take risk on is what happens from an injury or illness During life we all have ups and downs as it relates to our health. My wife is a prime example of this. As an high school all american in softball for high school she has had many ups and downs. At a big 95 lbs, she was the catcher, with no regards to her body she never dropped the ball when being run over. Now it’s been 12 years since she graduated and now she is feeling the effects of that treatment. You can start to see it my medical bills.

This example tells me two things was she hurt while playing and how is she treating the injury than and now. Now not all of us are athletes but all of us will get an illness or an injury at some point in life. The only way we can be positive that it won’t hinder the quality of life of each of us is by first acknowledging something is wrong .

Seeking an educated and experience physicians or specialists will be able to take the injury and resolve the problem. To continue with the example of my wife, she loved the game and hated to miss a game Now at age 30, her quality of life is still good but How much better would her wrist and shoulders be if she just said something is wrong.

Keep in mind seeing the physician or specialist is only the middle step the last is setting a rehab program to move forward. The last thought is once an injury occurs and a rehab has happened we can’t stop there.  That specific area will never be able to be at 100% there will always need to be some emphasis on continue the stability of the injury. Will the intensity be the same from day 1 of rehab to 50 years down the road. No but if you don’t do something  day-to-day it like anything else will atrophy and the area of the injury will never actually get to 100 % because with an injury comes scar tissue. So going forward lets resolve the problem before it resolves us.



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