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Plateaus good for Wyoming, Not good in the Gym!

 While writing these posts, a lot of them are just different exercises. While thinking of another topic to talk about I realized one major problem: people talk, without really understanding, about why do I hit certain plateau or in other words why have I not continued to hit increases in my strength or fitness levels.

There are many reasons why people don’t continue to see the results they want. When setting up an exercise program we need to look at several key aspects on generating your own specific goals ,and goals are what make the fitness world go round. I will go more in-depth on these three in a moment think of your body as a machine or an car. It needs several things to work and at specific times to run. We first have to build the car, then put gas in it then put the key in the car and turn it. After that there are several steps of driving the car. The same is true when it comes to setting the fitness program up. The major steps I’m talking about is Intensity, diet, and most important selfevaluation.

How do these three steps relate, just like a car everything relates to gain success. Intensity has several meanings when trying to stay fit and gain strength. Intensity comes in for the amount of effort you exhort through an exercise and the amount of exercises done through the entire day. The last part of intensity is how often you work out is also part of intensity.Dr. Fred Hatfield or Dr. Squat points this out many aspects to training and I’m going to use one of  his analogy to express how to make the evaluation of your workout. A , B, C, and my addition D workouts all equate to the intensity level for the given day. A workouts are the most intense workouts while C and D workouts are just mainly recovery low intensity workouts. . How close to your maximum weight are you lifting. If you know what your max is 80 % to 100% of your max this would be an A or B workout. Also the amount of total stress or time under tension will also equate to the intensity level.

Diets can’t be stated as the most important area to focus on to have a success each day and overall. With a proper healthy balance diet you will eliminate over-training. Being able to feel healthy and being recovered day in and day out will help in continuing  the desire to stay healthy and exercise.No matter what your goals are with a proper diet you will increase your metabolism gain strength and loose body fat it is that simple.

Self Evaluation I mention self-evaluation many times in a lot of articles. I mention this because as a personal trainer that is my job to make evaluations & observations on workouts and make the modifications for my clients. If you aren’t paying some one to do it then you will need to. One key point to state ,your body is always wanting to  make the adaptations of the stress. With adoptions comes Plateaus, so if you can catch it before it catches you the growth will be there. Evaluating the diet is the next point in overcoming Plateaus. If you’re noticing, I’m skipping a meal or two your metabolism will drop and when your metabolism falls your energy levels fall. The ability to not be in a starvation or survival mode  will not be accomplished and in turn your body is going to have the desire to store food instead letting it go in turn you will be increasing body fat.

This is three areas to look at and consider while training. If you feel you are hitting a plateau or Feel something is wrong with your workouts. Look at the consistency of your A, B, C, and D workouts if your always at A workouts you will be eventually over-training  So keeping a balance of the intensity insuring you are eating right and doing an honest evaluation of goals and improvements on intensity and Diet will help to elevate your training and fitness goals.



6 thoughts on “Plateaus good for Wyoming, Not good in the Gym!

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    Posted by Marylee Wiebold | November 15, 2012, 7:49 pm
  3. Aha that car analogy made me think, if I were a car, I reckon I’d be somewhere around a BMW, but someday I see myself running like a Ferrari!

    Posted by Nick Goodall | November 18, 2012, 11:01 pm
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