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Massage 101

Massage strengthens the immune system and promotes disease prevention.



The first major principle is Adaptation

Why is the first major Principle? You need to have a Plan before doing any fitness or athletic event with specific objectives at the end either lose weight get faster or stronger. Your body main objective is to stay alive so it will do everything in its power to stay alive. That is where adaptation comes from.

Your body is always wanting to adjust to the situation when your body has made those adjustments you hit the plateaus. So if you go to the gym forse and do the bench press at this rep scheme(5×5) day after day. Your body will say after a while we know it’s coming and we can plan ahead to ensure we will not get over-stressed or  getting the time under tension that’s needed.

When you are not applying the stress related exercise needed for the body. You will not be able to reach that desired result from your plan. As an example I have been doing strength training exercises since I was 14 years old. Now I’m 33 years old almost 15 years. I know my body and if  I do the same exercise for two weeks in a row by the third week , if doing the same I will start going up to the plateaus and away from my goal.

The golden rule is about 4 to 6 weeks for a novice person. For me and looking at my workout  Journals it’s 2 weeks. So if I’m doing a bench workout this is how it would look:

Bench Week one
Tue weight sets Reps Pre Workout Supplements
Bench Press 225(2)250(2)275(1) 5 5 Caffeine, L-Argnine
Floor Press 185 3 10
Skull Crushers 55 3 10
Hammer Curls 35 2 10
Bench press w/ chains(75 lbs) 250(1)275(2)315(2) 5 5
JM presses 135 2 15
skull Crushers 75 3 8
Hammer Curls 35 2 10
Bench Week Two
Bench Press 225(2)250(2)275(1) 5 5 Caffeine, L-Argnine
Floor Press 185 3 10
Skull Crushers 55 3 10
Hammer Curls 35 2 10
Bench press w/ chains 250(1)275(2)315(2) 5 5
JM presses 135 2 15
skull Crushers 75 3 8
Hammer Curls 35 2 10
Bench Week 3* change up
Bench w/ Bands (speed) 185 6 3
5 Board Press Close Grip 315 5 5
Light Decline Bench 225 3 3
Tricep Extension 95 3 10
Sat Caffeine, L-Argnine
Board Press w/ Bands Medium 315(2)345(2)365(1) 5 2
Close Grip Bench w/Boards 355(2)365(2)375(2) 6 5
Tricep Extensions 65 3 8
Close Grip Bench 225 3

there are a lot of variables to look at before making major decisions at the gym. The first is the amount of Exercises being done. Second is the time under tension for the day just add up all the reps and sets with weight lifted. Third is Supplements taking before, Caffeine, NOS, Creatine can all have major advantages when taking before hand.

Now this might sound like a lot but will only take a few minutes to put a plan together , But remember self-evaluation isn’t mentioned but don’t be at 90% of your max everyday this  will lead into over-training stay with in your zones and if needed pull back a little.

If you have any questions fill free to ask and keeping Staying Healthy

Hip Adduction (Inner Thigh)

1. Place ankle Strap on Left ankle.
2. Stand with left side to wall pulley, far enough away so legsupports weight stack.

3. Hold on to waist-high object with right hand.
4. Start with left leg extended to side.
5. Pull left leg across, in front of right leg, keeping knee locked.
6. Return to starting postion.
7. Keep Back straight, do not swing body from side to side.
8. Inhale pulling, exhale returning.
9. Repeat with Right leg.


Massage 101

Massage can relieve mental and physical fatigue.

Prevent Scarring

Massage 101

Massage loosens scar tissue. Massage can prevent scarring to some degree by not allowing stagnation of tissue edema following injury.

Preventing Edema

Massage 101

Massage can encourage lymphatic flow, preventing edema that often occurs with inactivity. Massage strokes should be slow and rhythmical when used for this purpose.

15 min Walk or Run

Just doing something is better then nothing. Elevating the heart rate for a consistent period of time(15 min)will help in lowering many health related problems. So if you are looking at one of the best aerobic exercises and exercises in general go for a 15 min walk after that gets easy do half walk half run. working yourself at an elevated heart for 15 min will help in weight loss, hypertension, Type II Diabetes as a few examples.

Mechanical benefits

Massage 101


Massage directly benefits restrictions to muscle tissue function. Mechanical benefits and reflex responses combine to help the muscular soft tissues respond through circulation improvement and elimination of by-products.

Lying Flat Bench Close Grip Bar Curl on Lat Machine

Lying Flat Bench Close Grip Bar Curl on Lat Machine

1. Place Flat bench below bar of lat machine.
2. Position bench about 6″ behind bar

3. Hold bar with both hands, reverse grip, 8 ” apart.
4. Lie on your back with head over end.
5. Extend arms straight above shoulders.
6. Curl bar down in semicircular motion until it touches chin.
7. Keep upper arms vertical at all times
8. Return to starting position using same path
9. Inhale down Exhale up.

Increase of Circulation

Massage 101

Massage increases circulation which improves the delivery of nutrients, oxygen, and arterial blood components to the    local area.

Dumbbell Box Squats

1. With 16″ high bench behind you, Stand with heels even with end of bench .
2.Hold dumbbells at sides, at arms’ length,palms in.

3.Keep head up, back straight, feet firmly on floor , 16″ apart.
4.Squat until buttocks touch the bench
5.Do not sit on bench, keep tension on thighs.
6.Keep knees close together.
7.Return to starting position
8.Inhale down, Exhale up
9.Can also be done with heels elevated on 2×4
* There are many variations that can be done by box squats*

Lying Supine 4x4x4 Dumbbell Curl

1. Hold dumbbells.

2.Lie on your back on a flat bench.
3.Start with dumbbells at arms‘ length, palms in
4.Begin curl, turning palms up.
5. Do 4 complete repetitions from floor to shoulder.
6.At the end of the fourth rep, keep the dumbbell at the top position
7.Do 4 partial reps, lowering the weight from your shoulders to where your lower arms are parallel to floor
8. At the end of the forth rep, lower dumbbells to arms’ length.
9.Do 4 partial reps from arms’ length to where your lower arms are parallel to floor.
10. 12 reps complete one set
11.Inhale up, Exhale down.

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