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The Magic Pill? Is it true

I think it’s funny how everybody makes accusations towards people before understanding really what has happened and what will transpire. First people make accusations that this person is strong so he takes steroids  First taking anything without putting work and effort will not make you better but will make you worst. As an example steroids really is just one big cholesterol molecule which means if you aren’t training hard eating right you will become fat slow and bloated.

I’m going to talk about what I say is some what of a magic pill as long as you put forth the effort. Glutamine is an amino acid and its main property is to help rebuild muscle fibers. When we do any sort of exercise what we are doing is tearing down the muscle fibers. When we are doing this the body sends cortisone to help to get rid of it. This is where L – glutamine  comes in and helps.

The first thing that L- glutamine does for the body is block the cortisone from tearing down the fibers any further. Why is this important with out the blocking of the cortisone we can not help rebuild the fiber back up.Once this happens then it can  restore and rebuild the fiber back up. Like I said it takes work over a period of time and consistent period of taking after physical exercise and balance diet you will see  the change with in the body.

Now there are many advantages for glutamine  which is one of the main amino acids your body naturally produces. I wont go over other benefits that glutamine helps the body. Keep this in mind many supplements are aren’t worth the money they just don’t have the main benefits for the price but you pay, You  can’t go wrong with  adding glutamine to your nutritional plan.

There is no such thing as a special pill to get you to lose weight, get stronger, or look the way you want. It takes a plan from a balanced diet proper education hard work and depending on the level of intensity of exercise proper supplementation with your balanced diet. You will never lose money with glutamine the benefits out weigh the price you will pay for it.




One thought on “The Magic Pill? Is it true

  1. Bonjour my name is June and I’m a student and this blog really aided me. I’m motivated! Thank you!

    Posted by June | November 18, 2012, 5:23 pm

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