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Athletic Development

Excuses gets me this far, how about you?

What is great about sports? Either watching or participating in them is that there some result that happens afterwards. Either you win or lose is the main result. It’s funny because we as fans or a teammate it’s always ask the questionWhy?” either because of some coaching decision or players performance. I have been on both sides as a fan and as an athlete. I’ve asked “why did Jay cutler throw that interception'” and I have been asked “why did you miss the deadlift?”

Now it’s funny on all of the answers we get and it’s going to be a an honest answer or what I say an excuse. What does this mean? When I miss the deadlift I can say I hurt myself and build on that remark or be honest with everyone I wasn’t strong enough today and I will learn from it and apply it to the next meet. How easy would it be if everyone would just be honest with their assessment of the game or practice and take 100% for their responsibility.

Now how does this relate in generating a better athlete? Simple we all have to build on different avenues to be the best. When training the best ways to be explosive is to train explosive, because our bodies will learn on how to react more explosive when doing it time and time again. I mentioned in my last post about band squats. You have to do them fast in my eyes you will never do them fast enough. Here is a thought, can you do a squat that is 90% of your max as fast as a squat that is only 40% of your max. Now if you will be honest the answer will be NO I can’t. But do i get stronger at only 40% and the answer again is NO. That is where the bands come in. When placing the bands the generate a specific amount of force that is applied to the bar. The great thing is the force is always changing from one point of the movement to the next.

So when we are training before walking into the facility the best athletes are the ones we leave their egos on the door step and say how am I getting better. The athlete will have to swallow some of his pride when doing these band squats place lesser weight to achieve the goal for the exercise of gaining more explosion.

Now there are athletes everywhere at every level and we all fall short at times. When doing self evaluations on our own physical limitations and saying I missed the tackle because I didn’t tackle  right will put every athlete just that much a head of the athlete who says I missed the tackle because dirt fell in my eyes or the sun was in my eyes.




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