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Athletic Development

How quick is a reality and your dream?

I have talked to a lot of people who have the same common occurrence when it comes to their child. They want them to be faster, stronger, and in my opinion they feel their kid could be the next big thing. The first thing I have noticed is how much do the kids want it compared to their parents and second the toughness of the individual.

None of us are born and run 4.1 forty we all even the gifted athletes have to fine tune there physical talents and even gain a few talents on the way. Now when putting together a training program or creating a program we need to know the needs of the athlete and the sport.

Now how does this relate in generating a better athlete? Simple we all have to build on different avenues to be the best.There are two questions to ask is it anaerobic or aerobic activity. anaerobic activity is like football baseball volleyball, to name a few sports. anaerobic activity is like cross-country long distance running in track or bike racing, to name a few sports in aerobic fields.

Just to focus on anaerobic sports which are the most common we see the first sport specific training or movement is how quickly we get from point A to point B. These need explosive training and there are many exercises to get explosive. I’m going to expand on what was spoken last with band squats in more detail. In other post I’ll build up other exercises down the road.

When training the best ways to be explosive is to train explosive, because our bodies will learn on how to react more explosive when doing it time and time again. I mentioned about band squats this an excellent way in creating a more explosive athlete.Now with band squats , You have to do them fast in my eyes you will never do them fast enough. Here is a thought, can you do a squat that is 90% of your max as fast as a squat that is only 40% of your max. Now if you will be honest the answer will be NO I can’t. But do i get stronger at only 40% and the answer again is NO. That is where the bands come in. When placing the bands on the bar with the weights, the bands will generate a specific amount of force that is applied to the bar. The great thing is the force is always changing from one point of the movement to the next.

There are several bands out in the market and I’m not endorsing any one of them. When looking at them keep in mind the amount of force they can apply, some bands can add an extra 200 lbs or so at the top of the squat while others will only apply 30 lbs. When applying the bands to the bar and knowing what the bar weight is with the addition of band tension will and should be around 70 to 75% of the athletes max.

Last thought I have is this never do the same thing over and over. Do allow your body to build up to a weight but never let your body get accustom to the same thing because that is where we start seeing plateaus.

Now there are athletes everywhere at every level and we all fall short at times. When doing self evaluations on our own physical limitations and saying I need to work on this keep in mind there is always someone faster and training harder.



One thought on “How quick is a reality and your dream?

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