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Have you been injured or just had surgery? How are you overcoming the pain? A doctor may prescribe medication, but that only helps so that the body may heal.

You also have to strengthen and generate better blood flow to clean out the toxins from the injury. So how do you start a rehab process? When does it end? Now I have mentioned that you have to strengthen the area and generate blood flow.Make sure that your physician yourself and the Rehab physicality are on the same page. When anyone is designing any type of health related process there has to be a plan. No plan means no actual  success, There should also be an evaluation during the process between all three parties. Last but not least ask questions if you feel uncomfortable with any situation ask why?

So on your way to regaining your health remember ask questions, have a plan and ensure each party knows what is happening and what has happened through evaluation and process what is next.



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