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Athletic Development

Are we running in sand?

In all sports we want to be the most efficient at each movement. Efficient comes from using less energy to provide the same result or better than another. Most sports will look at how fast they run a 40 yard dash as an example. When we look at speed there is two different aspects we need to look at when breaking down getting faster. Starting strength & Explosive strength they both will enable you to get faster and quicker. To utilize both in generating a better an athlete you need to first know the difference between the two.

When looking at the body and how movement happens its simple are nervous which are controlled by the brain will activate the muscle fibers. When looking at each muscle fiber there are one neuron or nerve the controls a certain number of fibers this is called your motor units. Now starting strength is how many motor units you can get started at one time to provide a specific movement. Explosive strength is the continue process of how long you can keep the movement going.

Now there are many exercises to help generate either more starting strength or explosive strength. I’m not going to talk about all right now, but I’m going to share one of the most beneficial exercises for all athletes. Now when doing any strength lift you are only moving one set amount of weight. So if you are squatting 500 lbs through the entire lift your Muscle fibers, Nervous system,  and together Motor Units are caring the same weight. Your body is staying  accustomed to that same weight. With adding bands to the lift your body isn’t going to be lifting the same 500 lbs from the top to down in the hole and back up.

What this is doing for the body especially the nervous system is continue making adjustments during the lift. Now when applying these bands to the squat itself. You are wanting to have the weight at only between 40 to 70% of the max of the lifter. This is definitely dependent on the amount of tension the bands are placing on the bar. When the lifter is doing this they want to do it fast why? They do it fast to recruit more motor units which is why you’re doing it the first place.

Just like any lift you aren’t going to do it all the time. Keep this in mind when developing a better athlete there is a place and a time for each exercise to generate the best athlete. So when generating an athlete the first thing is a plan then  execution of the plan from hard work.




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