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Stiff Legged Barbell Dead lifts (lower Back, Hamstrings, & Glutes)

Exercise of the Day:
Stiff Legged Barbell Dead lifts (lower Back, Hamstrings, & Glutes)

1. Stand with feet about 8″ apart.
2.Place barbell on floor in front of you.

3.Reach down and grasp barbell.
4. keep legs straight, back straight,head up.
5.Straighten up, elbows locked.
6.Lower barbell to floor with legs straight.
7.Inhale Up, Exhale down.
8.This can also be performed with a dumbbell

Exercise of the Day: Hyperextension (lowerback &Hamstrings)

Exercise of the Day:
Hyperextension (lowerback &Hamstrings)

1.Extend upper body over end of high bench.
2.Lock legs under support
3.End of Bench should be at hips

4.Bend down at waist so upper body is vertical to floor.
5.Place hands behind head.
6.Raise torso straight up until slightly past parallel.
7.Return to starting postion.
8.Inhale up, exhale down.
9. Can also be done with weight behind neck to increase resistance.

Wide Grip Front Lat Pull Downs (upper Lats)

Exercise of the day: Wide Grip Front Lat Pull Downs (upper Lats)

1. Hold lat bar with hands about 36″ apart.
2.Sit on bench or Kneel down far enough to support weights with arms extended overhead.
3.Pull bar straight down until even with upper chest.
4.Return to starting position.
5.inhale down, exhale up.

Lying on Floor Across-Body Rear Deltoid Raise (Rear Deltoids Back of Shoulder)

Lying on Floor Across-Body Rear Deltoid Raise (Rear Deltoids Back of Shoulder)

1.Lie on Left Side on Floor or Bench, Legs crossed.
2.Hold dumbbell with right hand, palm down.

3.Keep arm straight, in line with shoulder.
4.Raise dumbbell in semicircular motion until vertical to shoulder.
5.Lower weight to starting position using same path.
6.Inhale up, exhale down.

Standing Toe Raise (Calf Muscles)

Standing Toe Raise (Calf Muscles)

1. Stand erect with balls of feet on floor or foot pad
2.Keep back straight, Head up, Legs locked

3. Do not let hips move backward or forward.
4. Raise up on toes as high as possible.
5. Hold position momentarily, then return to starting position.
6. Inhale up, Exhale down.

Standing Dumbbell Triceps Curl (Triceps)

1.Hold Dumbbell with both hands, Raise overhead to arms length.
2.Stand erect, head up, Feet 16″ apart.
3.Rotate hands while raising dumbbell rest in palms, thumbs
around handle.

4.Keep upper arms close to head

5. Lower dumbbell in semicircular motion behind head until forearms touch biceps.

6. Return to starting position
7.inhale down exhale up.

Front Squats Medium Stance ( Upper Thighs)

Exercise of the Day : Front Squats Medium Stance ( Upper Thighs)

1. Place barbell on upper chest, resting on front deltoids and upper thorax.
2. Place right hand on bar even with left deltoid(shoulder), left hand on bar even with right del

3. Keep upper arms slightly above parallel to keep bar from sliding.
4. Head up, back straight, Feet about 16″ apart.
5. Squat until upper thighs are halfway parallel to floor
6. Head stays up, Back straight, knees slightly out.
7. Return to starting postion.
8. Inhale down, Exhale up.

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Exercise of the Day: Bent-Arm Dumbbell Pullover (Pectorals and Rib cage)

Exercise of the Day: Bent-Arm Dumbbell Pullover (Pectorals and Rib cage)

1. Lie on bench, Head over end feet flat on floor.
2. Hold dumbbell in each hand at sides of chest in line with nipples.
3 Keep elbows in at all times.
4. Lower weig

hts just past ears in a semicircular motion towards floor.
5. Lower dumbbells to floor or as low as possible without pain.
6. Pull dumbbells back to sides of chest using same path.
7. inhale down exhale up
8. Breathe heavily, keep elbows in, hold chest high.

Power Cleans or Hang Cleans

1. Place Barbell on floor in front of you.

2. Keep feet about 16″ apart.

3. Step close to bar until shins are nearly touching it.

4. Hold bar with hands 24″ apart.

5. Bend legs until upper thighs are nearly parallel to floor.

6. Keep head up, back straight and at 45degree angle.

7. Stand erect, pull bar to shoulders.

8. Flip bar over and back until it rests on upper chest.

9. Lower bar to floor.

10. Inhale up,exhale down.

The best exercise in developing a better explosion for sports like Football, Basketball, Volleyball and any other sport that requires the recruitment of fast twitch muscles.

How young is to young?

This is up for debate with everyone in my industry. My view though is a little different then most. I thank my oldest son for this. Growing up in Alabama till I was in third grade and then moving to Iowa I noticed two major differences in the culture. Now in Utah  I can see why the SEC is in general the best football conference. I was able to play tackle football and baseball before I started elementary school. While in Iowa we didn’t really start till we were in 7th grade. No real fundamentals were being taught yet.

Why am I stating this with developing a better athlete? Look how far ahead Alabama was in skills (Fundamentals) then Iowa. Many years ahead. The same thing goes with athletic development. We arn’t saying lets max out at age 2 or 3 on weights. What I’m saying let’s teach kids fun and intersting things at a younger age so that they can build upon them when they reach the age to fully enhance those skills.

Here is a major example my little boy who is three likes to jump run and pick things up. So this is what I started to do I placed cones in my front yard and we ran angle drills to work on small agility drills my son loved it and he was doing stuff like it already I was just to able to harness his energy into this specific drill.

How much effort do we put in?

How much effort do we put into each thing we do. I was alarmed during the Olympics when a badminton team tried to loose to have a better seating in the tournement. After that I wondered who many of us do this on a daily bases do we stop a rep short because I don’t want to put enough effort for my last rep. Thinking how often do I this each day something to think about

Exercise of the Day: Bench Press (Outer Pectorals)

1.Lie on the bench, feet flat on floor.

2. Hold barbell about 6″ wider than shoulder width.

3. Lower bar to chest about 1″ below nipples.

4. Riase bar to arms length.

5. Keep elbows out, chest high

6. Lower weight with complete control, making definite pause at chest.

7.Keep head on bench,

8. Do not raise hips off bench

9. Inhale down, Exhale up.

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